The MFA desires to provide flexible grants supporting creative and innovative projects and programs, with strong metrics of progress and success. To align with this focus, successful submissions may include:

  • Commissions of original works and artistic collaborations
    • If the collaboration is among a qualifying small group and a non-qualifying larger organization, the grant request must come from, and the award go to, the qualifying small group
  • Support for new works, innovative programs and offsetting rent and production costs at Moody Performance Hall
  • Programs, projects and exhibitions that address important issues of cultural equity and community access to the arts
  • Programs that create and deliver cultural experience to all parts of Dallas
  • Operating, staff and marketing support for new initiatives.
  • Support of production costs and capacity building
  • Hosting artist-in-residency programs
  • Other projects deemed important to the vibrancy of the arts in the city
  • Programs/projects but must take place in the city of Dallas

Ineligible Organizations/Projects:

  • Direct support, including travel funds, for individuals or families
  • Religious or faith-based organizations, unless the program does not promote a specific religion or faith and is not restricted to populations of specific religions or faiths
  • Athletic teams and fraternal, veteran, social, alumni or labor organizations (university alumni groups, sororities/fraternities, labor unions, exclusive membership clubs, etc.)
  • Political campaigns or lobbying organizations, or organizations supporting the candidacy of a particular individual
  • Sponsorship of fundraising events, including benefit dinners, auctions, sports competitions, etc. or goodwill advertising
  • Activities of organizations primarily serving their own membership