What You Will Need to Apply 

Please be ready to supply the following information:

Complete information on your organization, including

  • IRS tax determination letter clearly showing that the organization has 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, and is specifically classified as a Public Charity in the Internal Revenue Code
  • Primary contact information for this application
  • Most recent budget reported to the Office of Cultural Affairs
  • Mission statement
  • Accomplishments
  • Staff list with positions

Information about your request, including

  • Grant project (Supply those that are applicable)
    • Description
    • Desired outcome/impact
    • Target audience
    • Project budget
    • Location
      • Venue
      • Neighborhood
    • Timeline
  • Implementation
  • Marketing/Communications plan
  • Proposed metrics of progress and success
    • Supportable metrics are critical
  • Examples of past or current work
    • Digital written, audio or video files accepted, links accepted

Once you are ready to begin, please start with the pre-application form below.