Advisory Review Panel

Level One:

After the eligibility of an applicant is confirmed, the MFA Advisory Review Panel will review and prioritize grant recommendations for the MFA Executive Committee. Its recommendations are confidential and non-binding.

The Advisory Review Panel will consist of five members:

  • One member will be a current Arts and Culture Advisory Commission member

    • Chosen by the OCA Director and the Chair of the Arts and Culture Advisory Commission

  • The remaining four panel members are chosen by the MFA Executive Committee and the Chair of the Arts and Culture Advisory Commission

    • Must have a deep knowledge of the arts community (artists, administrators, advocates, educators, etc.)

    • May not be current members of the Arts and Culture Advisory Commission, City of Dallas staff or officials, or staff of the AT&T Performing Arts Center

Advisory Review Panel members will rotate from year to year, and no member will have served the previous grant cycle year.

No person, or any member of their immediate family, who is an employee of an organization with a current grant application may serve on the Advisory Review Panel during that annual grant cycle. Immediate family refers to spouse/partner, parent, child, stepchild or grandchild.

All panel members must sign a conflict of interest statement disclosing involvement with all current grant applicants, including but not limited to Board service.

Arts and Culture Advisory Commissioners who are ex-officio Board members or liaisons with arts organizations as part of their Commission duties may participate on an Advisory Review Panel, but recuse themselves during discussion of that project.

The names of Advisory Review Panel members will be kept confidential until the grants are announced.